Crocodile Production Music
Crocodile Production Music
Big Theme
1m 27s - 447055AN
Full orchestral theme builds to crescendo. Jeffrey Crampton
Black Skies
1m 22s - 8754558A
Gentle pastoral opening into a more ominous feel, Colin Watson
Blood Moon
1m 48s - 447829FT
Dark, sombre track. Piano, on to lower strings. Jeffrey Crampton
Cello Dreams
1m 27s - 9396879R
Theme with cello top line, piano, strings and horns. Colin Watson
Chiltern Clouds 1
3m 9s - 438614CS
Orchestral theme with oboe lead, strings & horns. Colin Watson
E S Theme
1m 51s - 447149BT
Theme with piano top line and harp strings. Colin Watson
0m 31s - 447829BP
Apprehensive opening with cellos and violas moving into a more optimistic feel with strings and woodwind. M. Ironton /J. Mealing
Ghost Ship
2m 44s - 472047HM
Soft piano, flute and strings. Mystery! Jeffrey Crampton
House at Home
1m 50s - 8754569T
Happy, easy listening. Colin Watson
Interlude 1
0m 37s - 9431160E
Piano and strings. Colin Watson
Interlude 2
0m 56s - 9431160E
Strings and piano. Colin Watson
Latin Mandolin
2m 7s - 447054CW
Latin rhythmic feel; mandolins, strings and horns. Jeffrey Crampton
Light at the End of the Tunnel
2m 13s - 447149CU
Dramatic strings, on to brass and orchestral percussion. Jeffrey Crampton
March Italia
1m 26s - 447146DS
Happy, marching tune; brass, strings, tuba and piccolo. Jeffrey Crampton
Osso Buco
2m 31s - 447054DP
Happy, lilting track celebrating Italian food; mandolin, guitar and strings. Jeffrey Crampton
Pastures New
1m 18s - 9396884Z
Theme with piano, strings, horns and harp. Colin Watson
2m 44s - 8754560E
Light, happy feel with pizzi strings and bells. Colin Watson
1m 15s - 9396017Z
Piano, strings and oboe. Colin Watson
Reflective Air
1m 10s - 9396878Q
Theme with airy strings and piano. Colin Watson
Rock Pools
3m 0s - CM-2003-00
Gazing into the clear water of rock pools; synth, piano and strings. Jeff Crampton
1m 13s - 440046CS
Haunting sounds with low drone strings. Colin Watson
Sea Theme
1m 52s - 9396016Y
Expansive theme with strings, piano, horns and harp. Colin Watson
Shelley's Dream
1m 12s - 447829HU
Starts with flute and strings, on to solo violin; dreamy. Jeff Crampton
Space Station
1m 43s - 448515FS
Orchestral, drifting above the earth with strings and effects. Jeffrey Crampton
Stringtro 1
0m 39s - 9419908J
Strings. Colin Watson
4m 4s - 447147HS
Gentle, relaxation track. Synth, piano and strings. Jeffrey Crampton
Sunset 0ver St Ives
3m 0s - Cm-1002-00
An evening sunset in St Ives, Cornwall. Orchestral. Jeffrey Crampton
1m 7s - 8754575A
Nylon guitar arpeggios with expansive strings. Colin Watson
The Dales
2m 37s - 8756115R
Gentle, melodic oboe theme with strings and harp. Colin Watson
The Gothic Way
1m 22s - 447147HT
Harp and flute on to strings. Unsettling, misty. Jeffrey Crampton
Time for Pasta
1m 32s - 447146AP
Cooking pasta track. Mandolin, guitar and strings. Jeffrey Crampton
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