Crocodile Production Music
Crocodile Production Music
A New Planet
3m 7s - 448515FR
Orchestral , discovery and visitation of a new planet Jeffrey Crampton
0m 53s - 448515FU
Thunderous drums , threatening , pizz violins , brass. Jeffrey Crampton
1m 19s - 8754539Z
70's tv drama all in one! Colin Watson
Bertie B
2m 15s - 446711KR
Easy, jazzy feel with brass and strings. Colin Watson
Big Q
2m 11s - 9408342Z
Big band easy feel with piano, brass and organ brushes. Colin Watson
Big Theme
1m 27s - 447055AN
Full orchestral theme builds to crescendo. Jeffrey Crampton
Black Skies
1m 22s - 8754558A
Gentle pastoral opening into a more ominous feel, Colin Watson
Brass Rock
2m 28s - 447830KM
Rock guitar with brass section. Jeffrey Crampton
Carousel Rock 1
1m 20s - 438615HQ
A rocky little track with pipe lead drums and bass. Colin Watson
Chain Gang
4m 11s - 440106CW
Heavy metal percussion with electric bass, piano and brass. M.Ironton/R.Magness/A.Coles
Chiltern Clouds 1
3m 9s - 438614CS
Orchestral theme with oboe lead, strings & horns. Colin Watson
Cols People
4m 12s - 438613DM
Cool 4 on the floor dance groove with strings. Colin Watson
Dallas Groove
2m 19s - 367637FT
70's style funk groove track. Colin Watson
Fields of Corn
2m 40s - 8756084X
Gentle, melodic oboe theme with harp and strings. Colin Watson
Hip Night in the Graveyard
2m 15s - 447829GR
Ghoulish dance; midnight in the graveyard, brass hip style. Jeffrey Crampton
1m 3s - 8756088A
Dramatic 70's cop theme with big band sound. Colin Watson
Incidents 1
4m 21s - 9396015X
Various segments ft. oboe, piano, strings and nylon guitar. Colin Watson
Jumping Zombies
0m 53s - 447053LV
Scary with brass, woodblock and piccolo. Jeffrey Crampton
L A Groove
4m 21s - 8754568R
Groove track with electric keyboard. Colin Watson
Latin Mandolin
2m 7s - 447054CW
Latin rhythmic feel; mandolins, strings and horns. Jeffrey Crampton
Light at the End of the Tunnel
2m 13s - 447149CU
Dramatic strings, on to brass and orchestral percussion. Jeffrey Crampton
March Italia
1m 26s - 447146DS
Happy, marching tune; brass, strings, tuba and piccolo. Jeffrey Crampton
March of the Aliens
1m 41s - 447829CW
Starts with orchestral march, on to modern beat with synths. . Jeffrey Crampton
Mission to Mars
3m 40s - 447827GS
Space travel style, pulsing rhythm, horns, piano, bass guitar, strings and synths. Jeffrey Crampton
0m 43s - 8756117V
Big Hit opening then into pacey feel with pedal bass drums and strings. Colin Watson
0m 55s - 447149EQ
Oboe top line with strings and brass. Colin Watson
Pastures New
1m 18s - 9396884Z
Theme with piano, strings, horns and harp. Colin Watson
Ride in Style
2m 28s - 447148HP
Slightly jazzy brass with synth sounds and drums. Jeffrey Crampton
1m 13s - 440046CS
Haunting sounds with low drone strings. Colin Watson
Sea Shanty
2m 8s - 447830ES
March style with piccolo, strings, guitars, bass and frame drum. Jeffrey Crampton
Secret Agent
1m 9s - 8756085Y
Driving theme led by drums, bass, expansive strings and brass. Colin Watson
Space Station
1m 43s - 448515FS
Orchestral, drifting above the earth with strings and effects. Jeffrey Crampton
Sunset 0ver St Ives
3m 0s - Cm-1002-00
An evening sunset in St Ives, Cornwall. Orchestral. Jeffrey Crampton
The Bond
1m 46s - 8756120Z
Big band swing with lots of brass. Colin Watson
Walking on Madison
1m 55s - 447830LS
Walking feel; brass, drums, guitar and spoken word. Jeffrey Crampton
Xmas All The Way
1m 27s - 447148GQ
Happy, seasonal track with sleigh bells, strings pads and horns. Colin Watson
You're A Winner 1
0m 32s - 8756086Z
TV game show theme, high energy. Colin Watson
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